Friday, September 9, 2016

Blacksmith Barn

Here's a blacksmiths I made for my Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2E games, it is home to a  home brew NPC that the players have befriended, and is used as a base of operations.

Crole Bram is a Female half Dwarf Blacksmith and owner of the anvil & anchor forge, the shop is located on the corner of Lobster Alley & Harbour Street in Port Blacksand. This part time adventurer makes most of her money refitting damaged ships that dock at Lobster Wharf, She has also been known to take on work for the nearby guard house.

Sprawling like the corpse of some giant creature, Port Blacksand is a festering den of pirates and brigands. Unforeseen dangers lurk around every street corner and in every dark alleyway. Devious plots and crimes are hatched in every tavern. Thieves and assassins slip through the shadows. Ancient mysteries lurk in the cellars and sewers. But the infamous City of Thieves is also home to excitement and adventure beyond compare!


  1. Nice, really successful, like 3 and Last

  2. Wow, wonderful looking buildong, the interior is fabulous...